Monday, 12 October 2015

FWPP Media Release: Forty years on, the Ghosts of the Balibo Five still haunt the Indonesian and Australian Governments - the big lies must now stop about West Papua

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Balibo Five and Roger East murders. In 1975 five journalists from Australia travelled to East Timor to find out the truth about rumours of Indonesia's pending invasion of East Timor. Both the Indonesian and Australian government stated they were caught in cross fire and died by accident. A NSW Coroner D Pinch in 2007 found they were murdered in cold blood, by the Indonesian military, a war crime of unlawful killing to cover up the incursion by the Indonesian military. The Australian government through the Defence Security Directorate and Defence Security Organisation knew of their murders and kept it secret from the Australian people for years. Roger East another reporter who went to investigate their disappearance was murdered on Dili Wharf 7th Dec 1975 by Indonesian soldiers. Their families have never received an official apology and those responsible have escaped justice. Indonesia blocked Australia's attempts to find the truth. In 1996 Alexandria Downer requested Indonesia co operate with the Sherman enquiry, Indonesia declined the request. 

Read the FWPP Media Release here (PDF).

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  1. Hi its' Alexander Downer (sp) but on the whole a commendable and inspired effort thank you.


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