Saturday, 17 October 2015

Former Indonesian President Awarded Honorary Doctorate

It is was with shock and disgust that I found out that former Indonesian president “His Excellency Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono”(SBY) has been awarded an honorary doctorate at The University of Western Australia, in recognition of his contribution to global affairs and long-term advocacy in building strong relations between Australia and Indonesia. 

UWA Chancellor Michael Chaney said the "This honorary doctorate acknowledges Dr Yudhoyono’s many outstanding achievements during his time as Indonesian president, in particular his commitment and vision to build a stronger Indo-Pacific region and relations with Australia, Indonesia’s nearest neighbour,"

What’s going on! The world knows that SBY was one of the military leaders that genocided 200,000 East Timorese and continued the human rights abuses in West Papua. (Links are given at the end of this article.) But the Australian Government gives SBY a doctorate???

To me this is another confirmation that the Australian Government, and their friends, are major enemies of West Papua’s freedom.

Furthermore, the Australian Government appears to be the enemy of us all. The Labor government put us massively in debt and the Coalition is selling off assets that were owned by you and I. An example is the Commonwealth Bank. The Government sold the bank for $8B in 1996. The bank is now worth some $120B and earns profits of some $8B pa. That means you and I have to pay $8B extra in tax each year.

The reason I share this is I feel it is important to challenge voters that our Government is both ripping us off and plundering West Papua at the same time. We need a change. Political Parties that don’t care about West Papua don’t really care about us either!

We invite you to read our FWPP FAQ - The Beauty of a Sole Objective.

Paul Madden, Leader FWPP


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