Sunday, 18 December 2016

Change of Party Leader

Anthony Craig
The Free West Papua Party of Australia announces that Anthony Craig is now the new Party Leader of the FWPP.  Anthony has been performing an excellent job as the Party’s Foreign Affairs Spokesperson and we now look forward to supporting Anthony as the new Party Leader.

Paul Madden, the outgoing Leader, needed to step down for personal reasons but still remains a member of the Party Committee and gives his full support to Anthony and the new leader.

Please join us in giving Anthony your full support as together we free West Papua. The FWPP now has some 350 members and we need at least 550 members to register the party and increase our pressure on the Australia Government. Please contact to become a member today. Membership only costs $1 and you are helping to free our close neighbour from oppression.

The Australian Government is complicit in the oppression and genocide of West Papuans and it is the purpose of the FWPP to change the heart of the Australian Government and free West Papua. Anthony Craig has been a leading advocate for West Papuan human rights and freedom for many years. He was one of the first members of the FWPP and has been a passionate loyal supporter since the beginning. Anthony was the natural choice to take over the leadership of the Party and the Party Committee gives Anthony their full support.

West Papua, Merdeka!

Paul Madden, 
Out Going Leader of the Free West Papua Party of Australia, December 2016

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The “Magnificent Seven” Pacific Countries Support West Papua at the UN!

The “Magnificent Seven” Pacific Countries Support West Papua at the UN!

(Is Australia a Little Brother or a Big Brother?)

History was made at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2016 when seven Pacific Island nations raised the plight and struggle of West Papua.

When you hear Pacific Island civic leaders speak (i.e. Pacific Islands Association of Non-Government Organisations (PIANGO)) you see that these are people of integrity, they know that what is happening in West Papua is wrong and they are going to support and lobby their governments to free West Papua!  They are operating in stark contrast to big powers on the UN.

Following is a summary of speeches supporting West Papua at the UN.

Hon. Baron Divavesi Waqa, President of Nauru
“Nauru is deeply concerned regarding the situation in West Papua including the alleged human rights abuses. As emphasized in the Pacific Islands Forum Communique. it is important that there be an open and constructive dialogue with Indonesia on this matter.”
Hon. Hilda Heine, President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands
“Given the importance of human rights to my country I request that the UN Human Rights Council initiate a credible and independent investigation of alleged human rights violations in West Papua.”
Hon. Enele Sosene Sopoaga, Prime Minister of Tuvalu
“The principle of self-determination must also be respected and honoured. The violation of human rights in West Papua and their desire to achieve self-determination is a reality. This great body cannot and must not ignore these deplorable situations; it must not hide behind the guise of the principles of non-interference and sovereignty.”
Hon. Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas, Prime Minister of Vanuatu
“The people of West Papua have turned towards the United Nations and they are looking for a light of hope a hope for freedom and exercising their own rights upon their own land to freely affirm their identity. I urge the United Nations to make this one of its initiatives of Human Rights above all.”
Hon. Manasseh Sogavare, Prime Minister of Solomon Islands
“Human Rights violations in West Papua and the pursuit for self-determination for West Papua are two sides of the same coin.   Now if the jurisdiction of sovereignty rests on a series of decisions that are questionable then there is a case of legality of the argument of sovereignty as is the case of the New York Agreement and the Act of Free Choice.”
Hon. Samiuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva, Prime Minister of Tonga
“We express for the welfare of the Pacific peoples that are residents and citizens of West Papua… Last year on this same podium I stood here and spoke about human rights abuses taking place in Indonesian ruled West Papua. In the year that has passed nothing appears to have changed in that place.”
Dr Caleb Tyndale Okauchi Otto who is the permanent representative of the Republic of Palau
“We join with others to advocate for a resolution to the problems in West Papua through in-depth and constructive dialogue.” 


This was a truly landmark moment in the growing support for West Papua’s freedom.  With growth like this West Papua’s freedom has moved from Impossible to Inevitable.

“What is the Australian Government doing?”

All of this international support begs the question “What is the Australian Government doing?”  Supporters for West Papua all around the world are watching Australia and asking the question “Can the Australian WP supporters change the heart of the Australian Government?”

The FWPP believes that for Australia to achieve its potential it has to stop seeing itself as a little brother to the US (and its business interests) and truly see itself as the Big Brother to the Pacific Islands.  Benny Wenda has on more than one occasion said that West Papua sees Australia as its Big Brother.  It is time that Australia starts behaving like a Big Brother.  Australian Torres Strait Islanders are related to West Papuans and so Australia is undeniably joined to its Pacific Brothers.  It is time to stop ignoring this!  A major part of the problem is that several US based multi-national companies are big donors to both the Australian Labor and Liberal political parties and so our government is bought off by US business interests in Indonesia, and the like.

We need a government that has more integrity and values human rights above political donations.

Indonesia’s Response

In response to the actions of the seven pacific nations Indonesia stated that the actions were:

“A violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity”

The FWPP states that the Indonesian government has invalidated all of its ‘sovereign rights territorial integrity’ by its atrocious human rights violations.  From what the FWPP has determined it is as if every island within the Indonesian archipelago has a history of massacre or genocide at the hands of the Indonesian Military.  If you want to hear first-hand what it is like to be ruled by Indonesia just speak to an Australian soldier who helped liberated East Timor they’ll no doubt tell you about the inhumanity of the Indonesian Military. 

Here’s a short list of some of the Indonesian Military’s atrocities:

  • West Papua ‘Genocide’ 500,000;
  • East Timor ‘Genocide’ 200,000;
  • Chinese ‘Genocide’ 2,000,000;
  • Maluku 700,000 refugees;
  • Aceh 100,000 refugees; and the list goes on.

A government with a human rights record like this has absolutely zero legitimacy to ‘sovereign rights and territorial integrity’.  Instead, this behaviour is typical of a mercenary force protecting the interests of big business.

Paul Madden, Leader of the West Papua Party


Friday, 24 June 2016

Who should You Vote For?

The Free West Papua Party of Australia (FWPP) drafted a political survey to determine which parties support West Papua’s freedom. The survey was sent to over 50 political parties, a link to the list of parties is below: 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

West Papua Political Support

Dear All,

The FWPP is glad to announce that Anthony Craig will be running as a self-funded independent to raise awareness for the suffering people of West Papua at the coming federal election for the seat of Calare (Central West NSW).

Anthony is an extremely passionate man and is a strong voice for West Papua’s freedom and that’s why we love Anthony.

The FWPP is now approaching 300 members of the required 550 before we can register. So we can’t run as a party at this coming federal election.

But thanks to Anthony for running as an independent. Anthony also needs volunteers and funds so if you’d like to help out anyway then please contact him at

For this federal election the FWPP will continue to drive for membership and we will be contacting all parties running in this federal election to determine their support for West Papua and we will report back our findings so that you have options on who best to vote for.


Paul Madden, Leader of the FWPP

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Free West Papua Party May 2016 Newsletter


  • Status Update of the FWPP 
  • FWPP Election Plans 
  • Status of the Australian WP Movements 
  • Status of the Worldwide WP Movements 
  • Status of the Melanesian and Pacific WP Movements 
  • Paul’s Visit to Vanuatu 
  • We Reap What We Sow 

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sowing and Reaping

What Hillary Clinton says in this video is about as close as I can recall a US Government spokesperson admitting that they did the wrong thing.

Now what will be a true sign of leadership is if the US would try to repent and give recompense for what they have done, I can't see this happening because even though the US knows that they did the wrong thing the financial benefits of doing the wrong thing and continuing to do the wrong thing are too mesmerising.

The video Hillary Clinton uses a phrase like "What We Sow We Also Reap".

Australians need to be aware of this because our government is setting Australia up for a dreadful harvest.

What we all need to be aware of, in particular our blissfully ignorant voters, is that our Government does the sowing but it is us the common people that will reap what our government has sown. While our government and big business will look at it as another way to make some more money.

Help us save a West Papuan's life! Join our party and Membership is only $1.

Paul Madden, Leader of Free West Papua Party of Australia

Monday, 25 April 2016

FWPP Receives International Support

Dear All,

Something fantastic has been published by the Chairman of the Vanuatu Free West Papua & Unification Committee (WPUCV). Vanuatu is leading the world in trying to free West Papua. The Vanuatu Free West Papua & Unification Committee is a trusted advisor to the Vanuatu Government and they are influential in who governs Vanuatu. I saw firsthand how the Committee invited key West Papuan independence leaders to Vanuatu and they strongly facilitated and made sure that they achieved their goal of forming the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). The ULMWP is now helping West Papua have a presence within the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) which is seen as a stepping stone for West Papua gaining freedom. My guess is that worldwide awareness of West Papua has doubled due to the efforts of the 

Monday, 11 April 2016

Genocide in West Papua by the ADF, SAS & Kopassas!

"SO, our Australian government ORDERS our ADF including the SAS to train the MURDERING KOPASSAS ...........the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT is therefore complicit in and agrees with the INDONESIAN GENOCIDE on the WEST PAPUAN Indigenous people ...PLEASE PASS THIS AROUND ..... report from the Australian ABC TV."    

By Terry Irons, a member of the Free West Papua Party of Australia

Friday, 8 April 2016

Calling all Lawyers Who support West Papua.

This is a link to a letter from the International Criminal Court (ICC). They have basically indicated that their scope is Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity but they don't think Indonesia has a case to answer for their actions to West Papua.

An Update on Those Against the FWP Party of Australia

To all my West Papuan Friends and Supporters News update 9/2/2016.

I received advice back from Sydney University solicitor today over a statement which was place on the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies Website and signed by various West Papuan Solidarity Groups.

It attacked Paul Madden and associated the Free West Papua Party of Australia as supporting racists, anti Muslims and anti refugee.

I can now confirm that our representation to the University was reviewed and matter addressed. The statement has been removed.

We have no problem with robust political debate, but we will not stand back and be attack without a right of reply or if issues are not correctly presented.

Best Wishes

Free West Papua from Indonesian Military Oppression

Anthony Craig
Advocate for West Papuan Human Rights and Democracy
Foreign Affairs Spokesperson for the Free West Papua Party of Australia
Lithgow NSW

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

West Papua Video by Craig Moore

Yes, the Cry of the West Papuans and their Silence will be heard throughout the world!

Please share!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Petition to the MSG to embrace West Papua as a Full Member

To All West Papua Supporters,

West Papua is continuing its bid to be recognised as a full member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG). Currently West Papua is only recognised as a MSG Observer.

Full membership is seen as a stepping stone to West Papua once again being an independent nation like they were briefly back in 1961 when Australia was asked to support Indonesia's invasion.

Leaders in Vanuatu are greatly assisting West Papua's full membership bid and have asked all support groups to petition the MSG. The FWPP has been asked to draft a letter (petition) and have our leaders sign it and send it to Peter Ranbel Simon, an executive member of the Vanuatu West Papua Association Committee, which we have done.

Please read the FWPP Letter of Petition for your attention.

Vanuatu is seeking to deliver 20,000 signatures to the MSG and currently they have 10,000 signatures.

So if you would like your name and signature to be appended to our letter to the MSG then please photograph or scan your name and signature, send it to our CONTACT, and we'll append it to our letter.

Please use a layout like the following:
Name:.............................. Signature:................................

The MSG Leaders Meeting has been scheduled from 3-6 May 2016. The date line to submit our petition with all your signatures is mid April 2016.

Thank you.

West Papua Merdeka!

Thursday, 17 March 2016


Hey everyone who watches this video created by Craig Moore, I hope you are moved to support West Papua's cry for their independence and freedom which you and I sometimes took for granted! 

West Papua is the western part of New Guinea island and just 200km from Australia.…

Please take a moment of your precious time to view this video!

Please share with your friends on FB, emails and any social media you can get hold of.

Thank you so much.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Another Attack by University of Sydney Associates

Hi All,

Just in case you missed it, below is a link to another attack on the FWPP (look for the section entitled: "Reclaim Australia and the Free West Papua Party").

The whole article is pretty tough to read and you might suffer from mental indigestion after reading it.  In particular, I had a giggle to myself when the article described the "Australia-West Papua solidarity movement" as usually "progressive".  I wish I could be called "progressive" but apparently I'm not.  That's because the term 'progressive' has been hijacked by a faction of the political Left.  To be "progressive" you need to have the following characteristics:

  1. You must have no concern whatsoever about the Islamisation of Australia or West Papua, in fact you must see it as a good thing.
  2. You must have scant regard, respect or desire to protect for Australia's cultural heritage.

These 'progressive' people behave very tribally and you're obliged to attack those who aren't 'progressive'.  If a "progressive" person has a friend who is a member of the FWPP then that person risks being excommunicated. I suggest that whenever you see the Left describing themselves as 'progressive' that you substitute the word: 'regressive' or 'possessive'.

Another undertone of the article is that you are droned into believing that West Papua cannot be freed easily and the process has to go on for what seems like forever.  You're not allowed to suggest that a change of government at the next election could solve the problem.

The article has been compiled by one of the usual suspects from the University of Sydney (U of S).  These people are supported by the Australian Government and the Australian Government has no desire to free West Papua.  It is the opinion of the FWPP that the government is using the universities of Australia to control the WP movement and in particular neutralise as many well meaning WP supporters as possible.
Key evidence that supports this is that some of those associated with the U of S have been associated with the WP movement for over 20 years and during this time they have been able to keep support for West Papua to below 10% of Australians.  The other notable fact is that during this time the movement has basically had zero lasting impact on the Australian Government and the movement is still at square one where it is trying to dialogue with the government.

Another example, is where the University of Western Australia gave SBY and honorary doctorate instead of exposing him for genocide.

The FWPP estimates that for the Australian Government to support West Papua's freedom some critical mass of 30% of Australians need to be informed and want WP free. But the U of S has been able to keep that awareness down to about 10%.  Reclaim Australia represents views that are similar to possibly over 40% of Australians.  If the WP movement was willing to put down their prejudices and work with Reclaim Australia then the Australian Government could finally be influenced to support West Papua's freedom.  But our U of S academics are refusing to let this happen.

So what has to happen for over 30% of the Australians to be informed and supportive of West Papua?

  1. First we need to stop tolerating those who are known saboteurs of the WP movement.
  2. Next we need to accept all groups that legitimately want to help free West Papua.

Please note that FWPP stands for the following:

  • The Australian Government, due to its complicity in West Papua’s oppression, has an obligation to open its doors to West Papuan refugees.
  • Racism and hatred have no place in a just and democratic society or in the FWPP.
  • The FWPP does not support extremist groups that spread hatred of others because of race, culture, or religion.
  • The FWPP is a non-religious party.
  • The FWPP will attend rallies, and the like, and educate people about West Papua’s oppression

For a complete list of what the FWPP stands for please view the FWPP Manifesto.

West Papua Merdeka!
Paul Madden, Party Leader

Thursday, 4 February 2016

MANIFESTO (What We Believe)


(What We Believe)

The sole objective of Free West Papua Party of Australia (FWPP) is to activate Australia to support freedom and independence to West Papua. The following points state what the FWPP believes and stands for:

1. The Indonesian Military along with global corrupt governments, and associated transnational companies, are supporting the oppression of the West Papuan people to ensure they maintain control of West Papua’s rich natural resources.

2. The United Nations, European Union, and the Australian Government have received ample evidence of atrocities, massacres, torture, and crimes against humanity and chose to remain silent and complicit.

3. FWPP seeks to hold the Australia Government, et al, accountable for its complicity in the plight of West Papua.

4. The West Papuan people declared their independence on 1 Dec 1961 at the First West Papuan People’s Congress; and again on 4th June 2000, at the Second West Papuan People's Congress.

a. The FWPP will continue to reaffirm West Papua’s declaration of Independence.

b. Terms such as ‘Self Determination’ are unhelpful and confusing and hide the Australian Government’s denial of West Papua’s independence.

c. The ‘Act of Free Choice’, in 1969, was a sham referendum headed by the US Government and United Nations with support from the Australian Government. The UN has failed to acknowledge, and rectify this, showing its lack of commitment to human rights, international law, and UN Resolution 1514. Consequently, the UN, and the Australian Government are complicit in genocide.

5. The Australian Government, and US Government, has more influence on the outcome of West Papua’s independence and freedom than the Indonesian Government.

6. For the Australian Government to reverse its complicity in West Papua’s oppression the following is required:

a. Abolish the Lombok Treaty that the Australian Government has signed with the Indonesia Government.  This treaty stinks of treachery and treason to both Australians and West Papuans.  In particular, the treaty officially recognises Indonesian sovereignty over West Papua. This is wrong and needs to be replaced with the Australian Government recognising West Papua’s sovereignty to be a free and independent nation, as per UN Resolution 1514.

b. Stop all Australian Military support and cooperation with Indonesia.  Australia currently supplies arms and training to the Indonesian Military.  Instead, the Australian Government should only forge military ties with countries that champion human rights and freedom.

c. The Australian Government to address the United Nations and ask for West Papua’s freedom and independence.  The Australian Government assisted Indonesia when West Papua’s rights and lives were taken away from them. It is now time for the Australian Government to repent and support West Papua’s freedom and independence.

7. The Australian Government, due to its complicity in West Papua’s oppression, has an obligation to open its doors to West Papuan refugees.

8. Racism and hatred have no place in a just and democratic society or in the FWPP.

9. The FWPP does not support extremist groups that spread hatred of others because of race, culture, or religion.

10. The FWPP is a non-religious party.

11. The FWPP will attend rallies, and the like, and educate people about West Papua’s oppression.

12. The FWPP respects the United Liberation Movement for West Papua’s (ULMWP) efforts, and maintains that a broad range of efforts is required to free West Papua including the political efforts of the FWPP.

13. The FWPP is focused on Australian political issues that affect West Papua's freedom and independence; on issues that don’t affect West Papua the FWPP respects diversity of opinion.

14. The FWPP will accept membership from anyone who supports this Manifesto and Party Constitution.

From: Free West Papua Party of Australia’s National Leadership Team 
Date: January 2016 

For a copy of this Manifesto, please go to this LINK.

Monday, 1 February 2016

When will Australia get a PM that rights the wrong done to West Papua?

This is a composition of input from different sources.

Below is an image of our PMs

Since 1961 when Sir Robert Menzies first helped create the West Papuan Genocide successive Prime Ministers have sustained or even made the Genocide worse.  

A book “The Incubus of Intervention” by Greg Poulgrain has reference to it.  The Author's comments on pp216-218 cover that election.

"The gist of it was the change made by Menzies & Barwick to INCLUDE self-determination for the Papuans when they realised Calwell (ALP) was gathering extra votes because self-determination for the West Papuans had strong electoral support.  You can see the jelly-weak speech Menzies made about self-determination!  Then, immediately after winning the election, Foreign Affairs was handed to Barwick officially (even though he'd been handling it before the election, while it was officially under the care of PM Menzies)and Barwick changed govt policy on self-determination!!  The other issue on this election was that Guy Pauker (Allen Dulles' top CIA man handling Indonesia since the mid-1950s) happened to be staying in the Moreton Bay Yacht club at the time of the election - the closest election in Australian history up to that time. Menzies won by one seat - the seat of Moreton ! Jim Killen became Defence Minister!  This puzzled me for some time : what was Pauker doing in Moreton? (I had received this information from an officer working in Immigration who managed to get a copy of the airport-arrival card handed in by Pauker when he landed in Australia, which included his intended place of residence while in Australia.)  But I think it was just a coincidence that he stayed there, but not a coincidence that he was in Australia. As I say in the book, I think he brought news for Menzies that General Nasution (head of the Indonesian army that was being described as a tool of the communists!) was strongly you can read in the book.  This allowed Menzies/Barwick to change Govt policy - and win the election by a whisper, you might say."

 ‘”[The Australian left] tended to be paternalistic, patronising and wholly convinced of their purity and of the soundness of their own views,” Whitlam told Suharto.’ Photograph: National Archives of Australia

Then this link shows that Gough Whitlam gave permission to Indonesia to invade East Timor.  Australia has a lot of blood on its hands.

Also The Sydney Morning Herald published Australian Defence Force may have known of West Papua atrocities: 

Wreckage: The RAAF Iroquois that crashed. 
Photo: Fairfax Archive

Then a letter written by Patrick (Paddy) Sinclair on CRASH A2-379 29 July 1977 IRIAN JAYA OPERATION CENDERAWASIH 1977 has came to our attention!  

An opinion by FWPP Supporter, Roger Bowen and former campaigner for East Timor:

"The Australian Government is wallowing up to its neck, in a quagmire of innocent blood. Therefore Australia will never admit to its collusion with Indonesia in carrying out crimes against humanity and the atrocities carried out in both Timor Leste and West Papua. There are too many distinguished Australian politicians and bureaucrats on both sides of government who are still influencing and directing Government policy with Indonesia. From a FWPP perspective,( considering the flak it has received from many of these university based, so called West Papua support groups), it is interesting that many of these former bureaucrats and politicians have university connections, or have had their Indonesian counter parts awarded honorary Australian degrees and doctorates.
It is not a coincidence, nor surprising that people such as Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke, Gareth Evans and the Machiavellian Richard Woolcott are still, or were, (Mr Fraser and Whitlam, now deceased), speaking out on government policies and keeping a finger in the pie, never letting go of their former positions of authority. Why all this effort on their part ? It is all to ensure that "The Lies" are never exposed and that their collective backsides, and those of their bureaucratic associates remain concealed and protected.".......
May God have mercy on the indigenous Timorese and West Papuan innocent lives decimated and destroyed at the hands of these so called leaders of the Australian community. May the Lord hear the cry of the poor and bring about justice and recompense. May God mercifully judge those responsible for inflicting this suffering on the Timorese and West Papuans. Merdeka."

No Australian Prime Minister has had the integrity to say enough is enough!

In fact the current feeling is that the pressure on the Prime Minister to sustain the Genocide for the sake of trade is stronger than ever.

When will Australia get a PM that corrects the evil of the past?

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Media Release: The Australian Greens are Part of the Problem!

In recent months the FWPP has been challenging the Australian Greens Party to act concerning the freedom of West Papua. The challenge has not been accepted and so the FWPP has come to the conclusion that the Australian Greens are not serious about freeing West Papua.

West Papua Genocide Survey 

Please participate if you have not in the above link to a survey that will help bring about awareness of the West Papua genocide and contribute to how together we can Free West Papua.

We also appreciate if you could share the survey with all your friends.

Thank you.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Line between PNG and Indonesia has become increasingly blurred

Paul met an Australian ex-SAS soldier in 1984 who said he was doing service in PNG in the 1970's and he met a US pilot whose job it was to fly up and down the PNG border bombing villages that were considered too close to the border.

Has anybody else heard of a story like this?

We would like to confirm whether there is any truth in it.

Yes the LINE between PNG and Indonesia has become increasingly blurred!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Vote Out All Major Parties at the Next Federal Election!

Please watch this VIDEO about torture against civilians in West Papua by the Indonesian Military (colonial)

Posted by Dan Lee Kogoya on Sunday, December 27, 2015

By the Australian Government training and equipping the Indonesian Military our government becomes an agent of this brutality. 

This is a simple fact that the world can see. But it is not enough to change the heart of the Australian Government and if they had half a chance they would treat the people of Australia the same way.

The way a person is at any time is the way a person is all the time.

We must vote out all major parties at the next federal election!

We propose the FWPP could be the game changer that we need in Australia to free West Papua. 

Membership is only $1. 

Membership link, click here.