West Papua lost its freedom in 1962 when the Australian Government supported an Indonesian Military invasion that started the genocide of 500,000 West Papuans. For over 50 years concerned Australians have tried to change the heart of the Australian Government towards West Papua without success.

The FWPP suggests that one of the reasons why concerned Australians have been unsuccessful in changing the heart of the Australian Government is because we lack a common plan that we can work together on. This document presents a plan and asks supporters to review it and help shape it until we have a plan that we all believe in and are committed to free West Papua.

If anyone else has an alternate plan then please share it with us all so that together we can agree on how we can change the heart of the Australian Government.

Why has evil triumphed over good for over 50 years in Australia?

Click on the LINK to FWPP's Plan.

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