Wednesday, 30 March 2016

West Papua Video by Craig Moore

Yes, the Cry of the West Papuans and their Silence will be heard throughout the world!

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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Petition to the MSG to embrace West Papua as a Full Member

To All West Papua Supporters,

West Papua is continuing its bid to be recognised as a full member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG). Currently West Papua is only recognised as a MSG Observer.

Full membership is seen as a stepping stone to West Papua once again being an independent nation like they were briefly back in 1961 when Australia was asked to support Indonesia's invasion.

Leaders in Vanuatu are greatly assisting West Papua's full membership bid and have asked all support groups to petition the MSG. The FWPP has been asked to draft a letter (petition) and have our leaders sign it and send it to Peter Ranbel Simon, an executive member of the Vanuatu West Papua Association Committee, which we have done.

Please read the FWPP Letter of Petition for your attention.

Vanuatu is seeking to deliver 20,000 signatures to the MSG and currently they have 10,000 signatures.

So if you would like your name and signature to be appended to our letter to the MSG then please photograph or scan your name and signature, send it to our CONTACT, and we'll append it to our letter.

Please use a layout like the following:
Name:.............................. Signature:................................

The MSG Leaders Meeting has been scheduled from 3-6 May 2016. The date line to submit our petition with all your signatures is mid April 2016.

Thank you.

West Papua Merdeka!

Thursday, 17 March 2016


Hey everyone who watches this video created by Craig Moore, I hope you are moved to support West Papua's cry for their independence and freedom which you and I sometimes took for granted! 

West Papua is the western part of New Guinea island and just 200km from Australia.…

Please take a moment of your precious time to view this video!

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Thank you so much.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Another Attack by University of Sydney Associates

Hi All,

Just in case you missed it, below is a link to another attack on the FWPP (look for the section entitled: "Reclaim Australia and the Free West Papua Party").

The whole article is pretty tough to read and you might suffer from mental indigestion after reading it.  In particular, I had a giggle to myself when the article described the "Australia-West Papua solidarity movement" as usually "progressive".  I wish I could be called "progressive" but apparently I'm not.  That's because the term 'progressive' has been hijacked by a faction of the political Left.  To be "progressive" you need to have the following characteristics:

  1. You must have no concern whatsoever about the Islamisation of Australia or West Papua, in fact you must see it as a good thing.
  2. You must have scant regard, respect or desire to protect for Australia's cultural heritage.

These 'progressive' people behave very tribally and you're obliged to attack those who aren't 'progressive'.  If a "progressive" person has a friend who is a member of the FWPP then that person risks being excommunicated. I suggest that whenever you see the Left describing themselves as 'progressive' that you substitute the word: 'regressive' or 'possessive'.

Another undertone of the article is that you are droned into believing that West Papua cannot be freed easily and the process has to go on for what seems like forever.  You're not allowed to suggest that a change of government at the next election could solve the problem.

The article has been compiled by one of the usual suspects from the University of Sydney (U of S).  These people are supported by the Australian Government and the Australian Government has no desire to free West Papua.  It is the opinion of the FWPP that the government is using the universities of Australia to control the WP movement and in particular neutralise as many well meaning WP supporters as possible.
Key evidence that supports this is that some of those associated with the U of S have been associated with the WP movement for over 20 years and during this time they have been able to keep support for West Papua to below 10% of Australians.  The other notable fact is that during this time the movement has basically had zero lasting impact on the Australian Government and the movement is still at square one where it is trying to dialogue with the government.

Another example, is where the University of Western Australia gave SBY and honorary doctorate instead of exposing him for genocide.

The FWPP estimates that for the Australian Government to support West Papua's freedom some critical mass of 30% of Australians need to be informed and want WP free. But the U of S has been able to keep that awareness down to about 10%.  Reclaim Australia represents views that are similar to possibly over 40% of Australians.  If the WP movement was willing to put down their prejudices and work with Reclaim Australia then the Australian Government could finally be influenced to support West Papua's freedom.  But our U of S academics are refusing to let this happen.

So what has to happen for over 30% of the Australians to be informed and supportive of West Papua?

  1. First we need to stop tolerating those who are known saboteurs of the WP movement.
  2. Next we need to accept all groups that legitimately want to help free West Papua.

Please note that FWPP stands for the following:

  • The Australian Government, due to its complicity in West Papua’s oppression, has an obligation to open its doors to West Papuan refugees.
  • Racism and hatred have no place in a just and democratic society or in the FWPP.
  • The FWPP does not support extremist groups that spread hatred of others because of race, culture, or religion.
  • The FWPP is a non-religious party.
  • The FWPP will attend rallies, and the like, and educate people about West Papua’s oppression

For a complete list of what the FWPP stands for please view the FWPP Manifesto.

West Papua Merdeka!
Paul Madden, Party Leader