Speech by Melinda Janki ( Co-director of the International Lawyers for West Papua) at the European Parliament, regarding the STATUS OF WEST PAPUA UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW in 2010.

Below is an you tube from one of our passionate FWPP members! The FWPP loves it when people use their talents to raise awareness and help free West Papua! West Papua, Merdeka!

Where does the Australian Government get its attitude from that it is okay to train the Indonesian Military?!  What I see creeping in here is an attitude of Australian supremacy where other people don't count!  Furthermore, I see that the Australian Government will continue to protect the business interests of the super rich regardless of the cost. Eventually that will mean that average Australians will become casualties to the insatiable greed too. 

Paul Madden, 
Leader of Free West Papua Party of Australia
11 April 2016

Below is a Dutch video sent to us by one of our party members said it proves that the Dutch had started West Papua on the road to Self Determination ...The Morning Star flag proudly flying beside the Dutch standard ..prior to the Indonesian invasion. FREE WEST PAPUA .

Yes, the Cry of the West Papuans and their Silence will be heard throughout the world!

Hey everyone who watches this video created by Craig Moore, I hope you are moved to support West Papua's cry for their independence and freedom which you and I sometimes took for granted!

West Papua is the western part of New Guinea island and just 200km from Australia. Click Here.

Please take a moment of your precious time to view this video!

Please share with your friends. Thank you so much.

Made by Australian journalist Mark Worth, this film features rare archival film and eyewitness accounts. Worth spent much of his journalistic career reporting on the region before his sudden death in a hotel room in Jayapura shortly after this was broadcast on ABC in Australia in 2004.

Land of the Morning Star describes how for centuries the world has jostled for control of this rugged, isolated region, with its abundant natural resources and strategic position. It is an epic story of colonial ambitions, Cold-War sellouts and fervent nationalism.

The first outsiders to arrive were Macassans from the Malay Peninsula, looking for sandalwood, prized bird of paradise feathers and slaves. Next came Dutch explorers, traders, planters and missionaries.

When war came to the Pacific in 1941, the US chose Dutch New Guinea's capital Hollandia as its base of operations against the Japanese. Half a million soldiers passed through Hollandia, to fight some of the bloodiest battles of the Pacific war.

After the war, the Dutch reclaimed Papua, until US President John Kennedy persuaded them to hand over their colony to a newly independent Indonesia. Today, despite continuing Papuan resistance, Jakarta remains firmly in control.

Narrated by Rachel Griffiths, Land of the Morning Star explores the causes and realities of the troubles in a land just 100 kilometres to Australia's north.

Published on Sep 19, 2012Full version of the critically acclaimed documentary Land of the Morning Star.

1 Oct 2015 - Address by His Excellency, Manasseh Sogavare, Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, expressed his support of West Papua at the general debate of the 70th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations 

(New York, 28 September -3 October 2015)

Hon. Akilisi Pohiva, Prime Minister of Tonga also gave a strong speech to the General Assembly supporting the people of West Papua! 

Tribute to Benny Wenda - Free West Papua of Genocide 

by Craig Moore
 Published on Sep 16, 2015

Ongoing Genocide in West Papua Ignored by the World

by Craig Moore
27 August 2015

Juffa Critical on MSG and West Papua 

May 13, 2015

Indonesia takes a symbolic step towards reconciliation with Papua   


APRIL 9, 2015

Go Serge on YouTube Freedom March on Palm Sunday Refugee Support Rally in Brisbane

29 March 2015

Listen to Human rights lawyer, Jennifer 

Robinson, who has been working with West 

Papuan asylum seekers for ten years discusses 

why three West Papuans scaled the fence to 

the Australian Consulate in Bali over the 

weekend and where they are likely to be now.

Click Here

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 7/10/2013
Reporter: Emma Alberici

Witness- Pride of warriors

West Papua Road To Freedom Conference - Part 4

Published on Dec 25, 2012

Free West Papua-Global Flag Raising 

December 1st

Published on Nov 8, 2014

Please watch and share this undercover documentary to know the truth about what is happening in West Papua.

This new feature length documentary film is about Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Free West Papua Campaign founder Benny Wenda, “The Road to Home”.  Filmed over a 2 year period by British filmmaker Dominic.  Brown, it provides a rare insight into the life and times of this freedom fighter and his tireless struggle to liberate his people from Indonesian colonial rule.  

I encourage everyone to watch and share this incredible documentary about Benny who has dedicated his life to a Free West Papua, whose story and struggle are of true inspiration.

New Zealand parliament calls for journalist access in West Papua

Artist: Conrad Good Vibration title Song: PAPUA

People & Power - Goodbye Indonesia

Edison Waromi's interview in prison

George Telex "West Papua" (Merdeka Remix) - Music Video 2010

TV Papua News June 2013 (Repost)
Published on Jan 2014

MSG meeting decides to recognise the Melanesian West Papuan people and to accept them into the MSG "once conditions are met"
(27 June 2014)

Melanesian Spearhead Group Welcomes West Papua

(26 June 2014)
(Published 3rd June 2014)

TV Papua News May 2014

Official Launch Free West Papua Campaign Perth Australia Office
"I Lift My Eyes Up" 
by Aplius

I lift my eyes up, unto the mountains
Where does my help come from?
My help comes from You,
Maker of heaven
Creator of the earth

Oh how I need you Lord
You are my only hope
You're my only prayer

So I will wait for You
To come and rescue me
To come and give me life

TV Papua News April 2014

TV Papua news of March 2014

Vanuatu pushes for West Papuan independence
Published on Mar 25, 2014

Aboriginal Australian hip hop artist, Provocalz Swr-am 
Music can Rize above Tyranny

Courage is Contagious: Jennifer Robinson at TEDxSydney 
Published on May 9, 2013

Meet Yosepha Alomang
Published on Feb 19, 2014

Rebels of the Forgotten World (1991)  

Land of the Morning Star - West Papua documentary (full version) 




 Tuff Aelanda Session-Smol fyah-Free [West Papua]

Published on Feb 5, 2014
This song was written by Andrei Maryen in support for all his people. He wrote this song 2 weeks ago and finished the recording process at the day when all of Papuans celebrated 159th anniversary entry of the Gospel in the Land of Papua.
May God be with the West Papuans and bless Papua forever!
"Now let the Freedom come
I've been waiting for so long
Lord give me Freedom...Freedom...Freedo
Together as one people say
This is my heart sing
I'll keep on struggle till

You bring back my land"

New evidence of Indonesian military brutality and torture of Papuan civilians is revealed in a video released today exclusively by 'West Papua Media Alerts'.
Uploaded on Feb 1, 2011

This cowardly cyber attack only proves how desperate and savage Indonesia is becoming. Say no to the torture and oppression of Indonesia, Rise up for West Papua!

TV Papua News June 2013 Published on Jan 2014

West Papua Will Rise Again
Published on Jan 8, 2014

Noam Chomsky on "West Papua Independence"(2013) 

An incredible video interview has just been released of World Famous Professor Noam Chomsky talking about West Papua, a cause he supports, and calling the situation GENOCIDE. 

Published on Dec 8, 2013

Indonesian police brutally beat West Papuan student in Wamena.

Graphic video emerges showing police brutality in West Papua. This is a clear message to our Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, things in West Papua are NOT "getting better".

Published on Nov 16, 2013

People & Power: Goodbye Indonesia  

In the face of state repression and international indifference West Papuan activists have been locked in a life or death struggle for independence. People & Power finds out what is behind one of the most forgotten conflicts in the world.
Published on Feb 2, 2013

For more video clips, click here

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