Monday, 30 November 2015

West Papua Independence Day

Our thoughts are with all West Papuans who are longing for their country's restored Independence.

We also apologise on behalf of Australia for its role in supporting the Indonesian illegal occupation and genocide in West Papua and will do what we can to change the heart of the Australian Government towards West Papua!

West Papua Merdeka!

Paul Madden, Leader of the Free West Papua Party

Independence vs Self-Determination

On the 1st of December we remember that West Papua once celebrated its independence on 1/Dec/1961. 

 At this time I ask you to consider why has West Papua's struggle gone on for so long? And in particular how has the Australian Government managed to get away with sustaining the West Papuan Genocide for so long? 

 The FWPP believe this is because there are counterfeit agenda’s pumped out by our government (there are also cases where Australian Universities are supporting the government’s counterfeit agenda). These counterfeit agendas are confusing West Papua’s supporters and slowing down or neutralising the freedom movement. One of these suspect agendas is ‘Self-Determination’. 

The Free West Party is clear that it wants Independence (freedom) for West Papua. This is also clearly what the ULMWP is asking for. Self-Determination sounds okay and includes the right to choose Independence but there are some problems with seeking Self-Determination as follows: 

  1. West Papua was once free and independent and celebrated its independence on 1/Dec/1961. Pushing for self-determination can be seen as a backward step. 
  2. Pushing for self-determination can also be used to avoid facing the fact that Indonesia’s occupation of West Papua is illegal and therefore the Australian Government’s support of the occupation is illegal.  
  3. Self-Determination also includes the right to choose 'Autonomy' and guess what... according to the Indonesian Government West Papua already has this. So the FWPP states that the push should be to restore West Papua’s Independence and advises supporters to be aware of groups that peddle "Self-Determination". 
West Papua Merdeka! 

Paul Madden, Leader of the Free West Papua Party 

PS: Here's a link for some background on Self-Determination and UN Resolution 1514

Monday, 23 November 2015

BLUEPRINT FOR WEST PAPUA'S FREEDOM: Requesting The Greens to Act Regarding West Papua

Since the FWPP first wrote to The Greens party in early November the Greens have subsequently responded and the FWPP has responded again.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Another example of the Australian Government being slow to act!

The FWPP is encouraged to hear about the All Party Parliamentary Group launched in the British Parliament for West Papua. The FWPP is keen to see to the group has the political will and power to recommend West Papua's independence at the UN. If they do then Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Tonga should lend support.

Monday, 16 November 2015

In Response to the Paris Terrorist Attacks

The Free West Papua Party is saddened by the news of the Islamic Extremist attacks in Paris and our thoughts are with the victims at this time. We're somewhat speechless and not sure how to respond appropriately.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

West Papua Genocide Survey 

Please participate in the above link to a survey that will help bring about awareness of the West Papua genocide and contribute to how together we can Free West Papua. 

We encourage you to share the survey with your friends.  Thank you.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Vote 1 FWPP at the next Federal Election.

This is one example of how we can't trust the Australian Government with lives and we can't trust the Government with trade either. Kick them out! 

Which Party Will Free West Papua

Up until now The Australian Greens has given us a mixture of sympathy and rhetoric regarding West Papua. But The Greens have not followed through with any action to Free West Papua! Therefore, the Free West Papua Party (FWPP) publicly requests The Greens to act.