Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Which Party Will Free West Papua

Up until now The Australian Greens has given us a mixture of sympathy and rhetoric regarding West Papua. But The Greens have not followed through with any action to Free West Papua! Therefore, the Free West Papua Party (FWPP) publicly requests The Greens to act.
To be very clear, The Greens hold the power to free West Papua but they have not acted. This effectively means that West Papuan blood is on their hands just as much as it is on Labor's and the Coalition's.

Following is a link to a letter sent to the Greens requesting action. The letter includes the political/policy steps required to free West Papua:


We now await to see how The Greens respond.


  1. Greens as much a part of the mainstream political landscape as the Majors. All puff and bluster.

  2. It's very sad to think that even the Greens won't support us. More interested in saving trees than human lives....knuckleheads.


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