Friday, 7 February 2014

Smack the UN

Written by Paul Madden,16 December 2013

The United Nations says don’t smack your kids[1] but at the same time they turn a blind eye to the West Papuan Genocide[2].

Hmmm, this confuses me, the UN says it is wrong to smack your kids but it is okay to perform genocide[3].
On the other hand, the Bible[4] says physical discipline drives away foolishness.

So here is an idea that might work - how about we give the foolish members of the UN the cane every day until the foolishness is driven out of them?!

[1] United Nations wants Australia to ban smacking, prosecute offending parents
[2] Vanuatu makes stand for West Papua at UN
[3] ‘Champions of rights?’ an article written by Dr Augusto Zimmermann and published by the Institute of Public Affairs.
[4] NLT Proverbs 22:15