Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Why Do Evil People Claim the High Moral Ground?

Written by Paul Madden, 18 February 2014

Within The Washington Post, we read:  
Four things to know about the U.N.’s report on North Korea’s human rights abuses
Everyone loves to have opinions about other people’s evil  but they won’t fix their own evil. The UN, US and Big Business initiated and still sustains the West Papuan genocide of 500,000 souls and still counting.  Why won't the UN and US confess their own evil and right their own wrongs.  It is pretty easy to do; all they have to do is say:  “Yes, it was us who initiated the death of 500,000 West Papuans and we’re now sorry for it and we are now going to let West Papua be a free nation.”  It is that easy to do; but instead of repenting from their own evil they would rather write a 300 page plus report on someone else’s evil. 

When will people learn to clean up their own evil first?!

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