Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Who Put the Fox In Charge of the Chickens?

Written by Paul Madden, 12 March 2014

Once upon a time all of the farm animals decided to put the Fox in charge of Chickens!?
Obviously the Chickens didn’t want to be ruled by the Fox!   So “HOW ON EARTH DID THIS HAPPEN?”  Well truth is often stranger than fiction, and evil often masquerades itself as good.  Let’s have a look at what happened. 
The Fox was a very shrewd fellow and knew how to make the most of a situation.  He noticed a commotion happening at the farm and seized the moment.  Some of the greediest ‘Capital’ animals namely the Eagle, the Bull Dog, the Cow and the Kangaroo were concerned about the growing number of ‘Commune’ animals and so with a little prompting from the Fox they decided that the best way to stop growth of the ‘Communers’ was to allow the Fox to rule over the Chickens.  And the deal sweetener was that the Fox would share the Chickens’ eggs with the Greedy ‘Capitals’.  The Greedy ‘Capitals’ loved the free eggs (the Freeport Golden Eggs) and rationalised to themselves that the Chickens were too ‘primitive’ to look after themselves.   
The Fox was the cruellest of rulers and the Chickens kept crying and waling and many of the Chickens ‘mysteriously’ disappeared.   Often the Fox was found with feathers in his mouth.  But the greedy Eagle, Bull Dog, Cow and Kangaroo covered their eyes and ears and continued to enjoy the free eggs that the Fox kept giving them.   
Some of the other farm animals started to ask “What is going on?” Why are there so many feathers everywhere?” And “Why can’t the Chickens be free to look after themselves like the rest of the animals?”  
This is when the Greedy animals had to think of something that would appease their own nagging consciences and befuddle the minds of the other animals.  This is when the Greedy animals came up with their ‘Unilateral Official Statement’: “We respect the territorial sovereignty of the Fox to rule the Chickens.”  And that was that!! 
The Fox continued to have feathers hanging out of his month and the Greedy Eagle, Bull Dog, Cow and Kangaroo continued to have egg yolk running out of their months!
Recently some of the Free West Papua Campaign group in Perth Australia wrote letters to the King of Holland and to the Foreign Minister of Australia.  Below links are copies of the replies received.

                                      Australia Reply              Holland Reply
What is interesting about both replies is they both say that they respect the territorial “sovereignty” of Indonesia to govern West Papua.   This would have to be one of the most evil responses that these nations could have ever given. 
Here are some reasons why the responses are evil:
  • Both nations know that Indonesia has no historical right to West Papua.
  • Both nations know that they were part of the evil deal that put Indonesia in control.
  • Both nations know that Indonesia has a cruel racist fascist leadership responsible for the deaths of millions across their archipelago of islands.
  • Both nations know that the West Papuan Act of Free Choice referendum was a sham.
O, how many more West Papuans have to die before Holland and Australia decide that they don’t like blood mixed with their golden eggs!?


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