The objective of the Free West Papua Party (FWPP) is to activate Australia to support the freedom and independence of West Papua.

West Papua was an independent nation, but in 1962 Indonesia was allowed to invade West Papua and take over the country.

Since Indonesia has taken over some 500,000 West Papuans have been genocided!

The Australian Government is a major hindrance to West Papua’s freedom. We need to change the heart of the Australian Government towards West Papua. But we have few options as both the Labor Party and the Coalition give bipartisan support to the policies that sustain the West Papua Genocide and support Indonesia’s illegal occupation . Furthermore, the political parties that have shown some support for West Papua have not been effective enough to change the Australian Government’s heart.

90% of informed Australians support a Free West Papua. It’s just that the 10% that don’t are running our country.

For this reason we have decided to launch the FWPP. This is exciting news and we hope that it is the game changer that frees West Papua! Instead of being outside the government pleading with them to act, we aim to be inside the parliament, as a new party, steering Australian policy to free West Papua.

With your membership the FWPP will campaign in the next federal election and if successful we will steer Australia to free West Papua. A great ocean liner can be steered by a small rudder and the FWPP will be that rudder to the Australian Government. Only then can grass roots Australians, like you and I, be confident that the Australian Government will change to support a free West Papua.

We have a vision … of Australia demonstrating Leadership and Integrity to the world!

We have a vision … of the Australian Spirit of Courage and Mate-Ship!

We have a vision … of Australia Freeing West Papua!

Let’s STOP the bloodshed!

The three key policies of the FWPP are:

1. Abolish the Lombok Treaty that the Australian Government has Signed.

In that treaty the Australian Government officially recognises Indonesian sovereignty over West Papua. Instead FWPP seeks to introduce policy stating that the Australian Government recognises West Papua’s sovereignty to be a free and independent nation as per UN Resolution 1514.

2. Stop All Australian Military Support and Cooperation With Indonesia.

Australia currently supplies arms and training to the Indonesian Military. Instead FWPP seeks to introduce a policy where Australia will only forge military ties with countries that champion human rights and freedom.

The Indonesian Government is responsible for the following civil massacres:

West Papua Genocide 500,000
East Timor Genocide 200,000
Chinese Genocide 2,000,000
Maluku 700,000 refugees
Aceh 100,000 refugees
etc etc

Why is Australia training the Indonesian Military to kill their own people?

3. Australia to Address the United Nations and Ask for West Papua’s Freedom and Independence.

UN resolution 1514 says all people groups have the right to independence.

The Australian Government assisted when West Papua’s rights and lives were taken away from them. It is now time for the Australian Government to repent and support West Papuan freedom and independence.

There are two ways, in particular, that Australia can achieve freedom and independence for West Papua:

a. Referendum

In 1969 the United States, the United Nations, and Australia undertook and supported a mock referendum in West Papua where some 1025 West Papuans were bullied into voting for Indonesian rule on behalf of the West Papuan population of some 800,000. This masquerade was known as the “Act of Free Choice”.

The FWPP will ensure that Australia stands before the United Nations and demands a fare referendum for West Papuans.

b. International Force

In 1999 the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 1264 in a record 5 days and established the International Force for East Timor (INTERFET). Within a couple of months the first forces landed in Dili and immediately restored order in the territory. Four days later, Indonesia started to pull-out its military and a month later the last Indonesian troops left East Timor after 24 years of occupation.

Many have suggested that this approach be used as a model for future humanitarian interventions.

The FWPP will ensure that Australia stands before the United Nations and requests that if Indonesia refuses to allow a fare referendum that an “International Force for West Papua” be established.


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