In 1961 the Netherlands set up a parliament in the colony of Netherlands New Guinea, responsible for preparing the territory for independence by the end of ten years. One thing the council approved was a national anthem to be used, “Hai Tanahku Papua”, which had been written by a Dutch missionary back in the 1930s, and the anthem was officially used in the territory until the territory fell under Indonesian government control in 1963. From that time on, performance of the anthem and presenting other national symbols of West Papua in the Indonesian-controlled province became illegal. The national symbols, including the anthem, are still used by West Papua independence activists both inside West Papua and throughout the world.

The West Papuan people have been living under a regime of Indonesian oppression and genocide for more than 50 years, and it is only now that the world is taking notice.  Social media has played a big part in the West Papua awareness and also to singers like George Telek, a legendary singer from Papua New Guinea. 


Pilimo by Alpius Meage

Pilimo means my homeland, a community where Papuan people get together, share ideas and encourage one another. Then the Indonesia army came and burned it down, and all elderly people were killed by them. Now we are left with young people reminiscing what we have lost.
Recorded 2012



This is a Freedom Song written and sung by King Jomo Hutaa and WorldVoice Band base in Ghana


Oh the land of West Papua, so beautiful and I 

admired so sweet land. The shining of land 

likes diamond. Oh the land of West Papua. 

Feeling demoralize my tears fall down and 

feeling brokenhearted. When will the end be 

to stop the suffering? Oh the birds of  

Paradise, let your wings fly and fly me away 

from this situation. Because I dont want see my 

people cry anymore in Papua. 

Oh Lord I lift up Papua into your hands. 

(Translated by Alpius Meage)

8 February 2015

Stan & The earth Force Song For West Papua Vanuatu Reggae

Kangeo Recording Studios presents Daniel Bilip ft Sirisha Rohles Bilip. West Papua Freedom

Published on Dec 14, 2014


Published on Jun 17, 2014

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