Monday, 23 November 2015

BLUEPRINT FOR WEST PAPUA'S FREEDOM: Requesting The Greens to Act Regarding West Papua

Since the FWPP first wrote to The Greens party in early November the Greens have subsequently responded and the FWPP has responded again.

Following is a link to the original article:…/0B27n3cmOkqI4LUxCN1hMb3dYUHc/view.

In the FWPP 2nd email, the FWPP spells out the BLUEPRINT FOR WEST PAPUA'S FREEDOM.

In summary, if The Greens step up and form a "Free West Papua Block" with as little as four independent and/or micro party members of the Senate then they will have the mandate and the power to block the Senate until the major parties agree to free West Papua.

FWPP lays down the challenge to The Greens to act and free West Papua.

Dear WP supporters, as you can see West Papua's freedom is very possible and can happen quickly. All we need is Australia Politicians with the integrity and political will to make it happen.

Calling all Greens supporters, please lobby your party to act.

Following are links to: the FWPP's reply and The Green's reply.…/0B27n3cmOkqI4N1ZXTjBuaEZGRDQ/view…/0B27n3cmOkqI4bzVhMDhFbHF5a2s/view

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