Friday, 30 October 2015

Big Business and the West Papua Genocide

The following two links from the Indonesian media show how entrenched big business and corruption are in the misery of West Papuans.…/fakta-rizal-pt-freeport-babak-……/kereeen-gara-gara-rizal-ramli-…

The chances of Freeport and Rio Tinto letting go of the West Papuan gold is close to zero. The understanding is that Suharto's payment to the US for help in overthrowing Sukarno was West Papuan mineral rights.

For West Papua to get its freedom, Australia needs a government that has the integrity to value lives more than trade. 

At the next Federal Election let's kick out our current pollies and get some that we can trust with peoples' lives.

Calling Australians to join the Free West Papua Party, membership is only $1:…

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