Wednesday, 21 October 2015

UN Resolution 1514 States that it is every people group's right to seek independence

But when it comes to West Papua both the Australian and Indonesian Governments would rather make a buck out of Gold mining than Free West Papua.

As per the following link the Australian Government wants to join the Human Rights Council.

The Free West Papua Party's feeling is that with Australia's track record with West Papua they don't deserve a seat. Right now trade is more important to the Australian Government than Human Rights.

Free West Papua first!

The West Papua Daily reported how dangerous it was to stand up for Human Rights in Australia sponsored Indonesia: Read 
Catholic Priests Released after Being Stuck in Police Truck for One Hour

At the next election we the people of Australia need to only vote 1 for a party that will free West Papua.

The proof will be that party will action the following.  Australia to stand up at the UN and state:

  • As per UN Resolution 1514, West Papuans are entitled to a fair referendum for their Independence

  • Australia moves that the people of West Papua be given this right and Australia offers to lead the way and make it happen.

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