Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Government has Broken Our Trust

For Australia to move forward with integrity (including Freeing West Papua) we need a new brood of politicians.  The current brood has broken our trust and once we all realise this then we can take the opportunity to reform our government at the next Federal Election.

The below link shows how the Gambling Industry is paying off the Government. Australia has a gambling problem and 80% of people want reform but we can't trust our government to do it!

The Free West Papua Party (FWPP) respects the office of government but the current brood of politicians and system has too many currents of corruption and compromise.  We need an overhaul and FWPP asks the people of Australia for the opportunity to do it.

The Government has Broken Your Trust - please Vote 1 FWPP at the next Federal Election.

Be a member for just $1 and help saves 1 West Papuan's life. 

Click here for FWPP membership form.


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