Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Freedom Summit at Byron Bay, NSW

Freedom Summit at Byron Bay 

was excellent and recommend it. 

The leaders and participants embraced the Free West Papua cause.

Yokal Alpheus Meage, from the FWPC, sang at the beginning and end of the talk by Paul Madden and we did the 'West Papua' - 'Freedom' chant. Many in the audience were impacted and choked up by what the Australian Government is complicit in.

You can read the talk by Paul Madden here and feel free to use it.  If you download the document and view using MS Powerpoint then you'll be able to view the potes too. There is also some basic slide animation that you can see if you run the slides in MS Powerpoint.

We added 32 people to our membership and our social network has also grown considerably. 

A common understanding at the summit was that the Australian Government is only interested in rolling out the wishes of those pulling the strings and not the people of Australian. The Australian Government will genocide, make us sick, make us broke, and destroy the environment if it suits the wishes of those pulling the strings.

There is a growing feeling of the need to replace the Government and the FWPP want to be part of the reform.

West Papua is an integrity issue and if we can't trust the Government with the lives of our neighbours then we can't trust them with anything!

An irony is that the Government is focused on trade more than lives but they have still made us broke and are selling off our assets. They can be trusted with nothing!

Join FWPP and become part of the change. 

West Papua Merdeka!


  1. This breaks my heart and turns my stomach when I know my own Government is complicit in all the wrongdoing happening to another PEOPLES. In this case the West Papuans and to add insult to injury it is because of and for the Indonesians.

    However, it is great news the Conference was successful and you got new members. WELL DONE!

    Is there any of the Merchandise still available?

    1. Dear Diane, thanks for your comment, and encouragement! Yes we still have the West Papuan merchandise after the conference. Except for the West Papua art craft I purchased from West Papua such as the necklace and ear rings, you can purchase them youself at our online merchandise shop at


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