Friday, 24 June 2016

Who should You Vote For?

The Free West Papua Party of Australia (FWPP) drafted a political survey to determine which parties support West Papua’s freedom. The survey was sent to over 50 political parties, a link to the list of parties is below:

Four parties responded to the survey.

The following three responded quite positively and completed the survey:

The FWPP encourages all supporters of West Papua to number these three parties as their preferences.

The great positive from this is that if all or either one of these parties get elected then West Papua’s chances of freedom increase!

The fourth party responded with openness to discussion and that was the “Australian Progressives” party and a link to their email comments is below.

Please remember that the Liberal, Labor, and Greens parties have conspired and changed the voting system to reduce the chances of micro parties getting elected. So that gives you two reasons to make sure that you don’t put any number whatsoever against any of these three major parties on the Senate Ballot Paper, as follows:
  1. They do not support West Papua’s freedom; 
  2. They have conspired to monopolise Australia’s democracy.
Some may say that the Greens support West Papua but the evidence is that they are not serious. Some evidence is as follows:
  • They chose to roll-out a defunct Carbon Tax instead of immortalising themselves as West Papua’s liberators.

Moving forward the FWPP hopes that The Greens change their mind and choose to work with the FWPP to free West Papua. But in the meantime the way to get them to reform is to NOT vote for them until they demonstrate true resolve and have a plan to free West Papua.

Let’s support the politicians that support West Papua.

This reminds me - if you live in the Federal Seat of Calare then please vote for Anthony Craig who is one of the most passionate supporters of West Papua you could ever meet!

Papua Merdeka!

Paul Madden, Party Leader
24 June 2016

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