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When will Australia get a PM that rights the wrong done to West Papua?

This is a composition of input from different sources.

Below is an image of our PMs

Since 1961 when Sir Robert Menzies first helped create the West Papuan Genocide successive Prime Ministers have sustained or even made the Genocide worse.  

A book “The Incubus of Intervention” by Greg Poulgrain has reference to it.  The Author's comments on pp216-218 cover that election.

"The gist of it was the change made by Menzies & Barwick to INCLUDE self-determination for the Papuans when they realised Calwell (ALP) was gathering extra votes because self-determination for the West Papuans had strong electoral support.  You can see the jelly-weak speech Menzies made about self-determination!  Then, immediately after winning the election, Foreign Affairs was handed to Barwick officially (even though he'd been handling it before the election, while it was officially under the care of PM Menzies)and Barwick changed govt policy on self-determination!!  The other issue on this election was that Guy Pauker (Allen Dulles' top CIA man handling Indonesia since the mid-1950s) happened to be staying in the Moreton Bay Yacht club at the time of the election - the closest election in Australian history up to that time. Menzies won by one seat - the seat of Moreton ! Jim Killen became Defence Minister!  This puzzled me for some time : what was Pauker doing in Moreton? (I had received this information from an officer working in Immigration who managed to get a copy of the airport-arrival card handed in by Pauker when he landed in Australia, which included his intended place of residence while in Australia.)  But I think it was just a coincidence that he stayed there, but not a coincidence that he was in Australia. As I say in the book, I think he brought news for Menzies that General Nasution (head of the Indonesian army that was being described as a tool of the communists!) was strongly you can read in the book.  This allowed Menzies/Barwick to change Govt policy - and win the election by a whisper, you might say."

 ‘”[The Australian left] tended to be paternalistic, patronising and wholly convinced of their purity and of the soundness of their own views,” Whitlam told Suharto.’ Photograph: National Archives of Australia

Then this link shows that Gough Whitlam gave permission to Indonesia to invade East Timor.  Australia has a lot of blood on its hands.

Also The Sydney Morning Herald published Australian Defence Force may have known of West Papua atrocities: 

Wreckage: The RAAF Iroquois that crashed. 
Photo: Fairfax Archive

Then a letter written by Patrick (Paddy) Sinclair on CRASH A2-379 29 July 1977 IRIAN JAYA OPERATION CENDERAWASIH 1977 has came to our attention!  

An opinion by FWPP Supporter, Roger Bowen and former campaigner for East Timor:

"The Australian Government is wallowing up to its neck, in a quagmire of innocent blood. Therefore Australia will never admit to its collusion with Indonesia in carrying out crimes against humanity and the atrocities carried out in both Timor Leste and West Papua. There are too many distinguished Australian politicians and bureaucrats on both sides of government who are still influencing and directing Government policy with Indonesia. From a FWPP perspective,( considering the flak it has received from many of these university based, so called West Papua support groups), it is interesting that many of these former bureaucrats and politicians have university connections, or have had their Indonesian counter parts awarded honorary Australian degrees and doctorates.
It is not a coincidence, nor surprising that people such as Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke, Gareth Evans and the Machiavellian Richard Woolcott are still, or were, (Mr Fraser and Whitlam, now deceased), speaking out on government policies and keeping a finger in the pie, never letting go of their former positions of authority. Why all this effort on their part ? It is all to ensure that "The Lies" are never exposed and that their collective backsides, and those of their bureaucratic associates remain concealed and protected.".......
May God have mercy on the indigenous Timorese and West Papuan innocent lives decimated and destroyed at the hands of these so called leaders of the Australian community. May the Lord hear the cry of the poor and bring about justice and recompense. May God mercifully judge those responsible for inflicting this suffering on the Timorese and West Papuans. Merdeka."

No Australian Prime Minister has had the integrity to say enough is enough!

In fact the current feeling is that the pressure on the Prime Minister to sustain the Genocide for the sake of trade is stronger than ever.

When will Australia get a PM that corrects the evil of the past?

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