Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Media Release: The Australian Greens are Part of the Problem!

In recent months the FWPP has been challenging the Australian Greens Party to act concerning the freedom of West Papua. The challenge has not been accepted and so the FWPP has come to the conclusion that the Australian Greens are not serious about freeing West Papua.

What stinks is this apparent political game of the Australian Greens has neutralised West Papua’s supporter efforts and is prolonging West Papua’s misery.

The Australian Greens stance is understood to be that they will spruik support West Papua’s self-determination but they refuse to follow through with effective political action that would stop the Australian Government supporting Indonesian rule and facilitate West Papua’s freedom.

Evidence that suggests that the Australian Greens are effectively nobbling the West Papua movement in Australia is as follows:

  • Senator Richard Di Natale effectively did not support and chose to undermine Senator John Madigan’s motion to support West Papuan independence.
  • The Australian Greens know that their strategy on West Papua will not work, on its own, but they choose not to change their approach.
  • The Australian Greens have used strong tactics in the past on other policies, of less importance, but they refuse to do it for West Papua.
  • The Australian Greens have not engaged the micro parties and independents that make up the Australian Senate to increase the support for West Papua.
  • The Australian Greens have treated West Papua like it is their boutique cause instead of taking the issue to the public of Australia and forcing government to change. 
  • Some senators do not trust the Australian Greens making it harder to work with them.
  • From a conversation with Senator Di Natale’s aid one gets the impression that the Australian Greens are in denial about the Australian Government’s support of Indonesian rule over West Papua. 

For decades the Australia Greens have milked votes by posturing support for West Papua. But all that this has done is neutralise the efforts of West Papua’s supporters and prolonged West Papua’s misery.

The Australian Greens have effectively shown themselves to belong to the same conspiracy as the Libor and Laberal parties who effectively comply with the wishes of Multinational Companies and US Foreign Policy.

Dear Supporters of West Papua, let’s all make our vote count for West Papua at the next Federal Election.  

FWPP membership now stands at 253 – another 297 members and we can register our party.

Dear Australian Greens Supporters, we need the Greens to stop faking support and get serious. If the Greens chose to coordinate a “Free West Papua Senate Block” then Australia would lead to way in freeing West Papua. Please put a rocket up your local Greens member and get them to act!

West Papua, Merdeka!

Paul Madden, Leader of the Free West Papua Party, January 2016

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  1. Everybody should support the Papuan road to freedom ! Since 1962 an indiginous people is occupied by Indonesian military and now in 2016 keep a look what has happened. Silent genocide!


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