Monday, 11 April 2016

Genocide in West Papua by the ADF, SAS & Kopassas!

"SO, our Australian government ORDERS our ADF including the SAS to train the MURDERING KOPASSAS ...........the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT is therefore complicit in and agrees with the INDONESIAN GENOCIDE on the WEST PAPUAN Indigenous people ...PLEASE PASS THIS AROUND ..... report from the Australian ABC TV."    

By Terry Irons, a member of the Free West Papua Party of Australia

Where does the Australian Government get its attitude from that it is okay to train the Indonesian Military?!

What I see creeping in here is an attitude of Australian supremacy where other people don't count!

Furthermore, I see that the Australian Government will continue to protect the business interests of the super rich regardless of the cost.

Eventually that will mean that average Australians will become casualties to the insatiable greed too.

By Paul Madden, Leader of Free West Papua Party of Australia

We are calling Australians eligible to vote who wants to join and be the voice for West Papua to kindly sign up as a member to register the Free West Papua Party of Australia.

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