Friday, 8 April 2016

An Update on Those Against the FWP Party of Australia

To all my West Papuan Friends and Supporters News update 9/2/2016.

I received advice back from Sydney University solicitor today over a statement which was place on the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies Website and signed by various West Papuan Solidarity Groups.

It attacked Paul Madden and associated the Free West Papua Party of Australia as supporting racists, anti Muslims and anti refugee.

I can now confirm that our representation to the University was reviewed and matter addressed. The statement has been removed.

We have no problem with robust political debate, but we will not stand back and be attack without a right of reply or if issues are not correctly presented.

Best Wishes

Free West Papua from Indonesian Military Oppression

Anthony Craig
Advocate for West Papuan Human Rights and Democracy
Foreign Affairs Spokesperson for the Free West Papua Party of Australia
Lithgow NSW

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