Thursday, 3 December 2015

How Low will the Australian Government Go?

The above You Tube talks about allegations of ASIS bugging East Timor's parliament.

What is quite insightful is the attitude of the Australian Government.

Between the 7 and 9 minute mark of the video there are some comments by former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer that tend to indicate an attitude that the Australian Government will support Australian Businesses to the point of breaking the law and feel proud about doing it. Hmmm, sounds like what our government is doing to West Papua.What I'm curious about is how does big business, ASIS, and the government work together to rip-off East Timor and West Papua? 

Do they hatch a greedy plan together on a yacht in Sydney harbour? 

Who initiates what and how is money and information passed between the parties? 

Do they all get a warm feeling of being proud Australians as the body count rises?

Let's kick them all out at the next election!

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