Friday, 18 December 2015

Counterfeit Support for West Papua

Why has the Freedom for West Papua Movement in Australia gone on for 50 years without success?

The FWPP believe this is largely because for the past 50 years the Australian Government has absolutely refused to budge[i].

But furthermore, there are possibilities that the Australian Government is neutralising some of the Freedom Movement by pumping out ‘counterfeit’ material. One of these possible counterfeit messages is:

“We Australians are not supposed to free Papuans”

This counterfeit message goes along the lines that Australia should not get too involved and just give moral support to the West Papuans in their own struggle.

The FWPP sees this view to be fundamentally flawed. The Australian Government helped create the genocide and is sustaining the genocide. How is West Papua supposed to free itself when the Australian Government is training and equipping West Papua’s killers?

FWPP’s focus is to change the heart of the Australian Government.

FWPP believes that the Australian Government has more say in the fate of West Papuans than the Indonesian Government does.

The FWPP sees the need to expose these counterfeits so that the Freedom Movement is more effective. In particular, the FWPP is concerned about the way the Australian Government is using Australian Universities to distort the truth, and the subsequent attack on the FWPP.

Following is a link to a communication addressed to the Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson AM, University of Sydney, and the Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, Minister of Education and Training regarding the “Government and University Support of the West Papuan Genocide; and Attack of the Free West Papua Party”.

[i] Hmmm, why won’t the Australian Government do the right thing? The FWPP will explore this at another time.

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