Thursday, 17 December 2015

Australia's Two Headed Beast that Supports West Papuan Oppression

The oppression of West Papua has bipartisan support by the major parties within the Australia Government. For Australia to stop supporting the West Papuan Genocide the people of Australia must vote against the major parties.

Recently Anthony Craig, FWPP member, sat in on the Senate on West Papua's Independence Day, 1st of December, and witnessed an attempt to raise a motion on West Papua but immediately the Government denied the right to hear the motion and it was not even presented.

A couple of evil justifications were made to the effect that:

  • the human rights situation is much improved; and
  • the Lombok Treaty accepts West Papua as part of Indonesia must be upheld.

Improved human rights does not diminish West Papua's right the regain its independence and furthermore, we all know that the Lombok Treaty is an art in treachery.

What the Government did to the West Papua motion is what we need to do to the government! We need to deny them the right to govern us at the next Federal Election!

Closing comment on the cartoon:

Roughshod BillBullBlocks, our two headed political monster will ride roughshod over and block any attempt to free West Papua.

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