Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Australian Government Could Not Care Less

On 28 September 2015 around 7pm (Papua local time) in the Culverts Complex in Timika, West Papua, Indonesian Police shot 2 Senior High School Students. Kaleb Bagau (18 years old) died on the crime scene and Efrando I.S. Sabarofek (17 years old) was shot in his chest and leg, and he is in critical condition in the hospital. According to the local residents, the two were reported to the police as their fathers are members of the Free West Papua Movement (OPM). The police came with 3 police trucks, 15 motor vehicles, 3 Avanza capsul vehicles, surrounded the Complex, the boys were scared and as they ran, they bumped into the group of police and were shot.

More photos and further details in bahasa: 

What is the Australia Government going to do about it? Are they going to seek Justice? Well according to their track record they are actively going to do as little as possible and ignore the whole thing.

October marks the 40th anniversary of the execution of the BALIBO 5.  The Australian Government managed to ignore 30 years of protests about the 5 executions of the five Australian newsmen Then they made a feeble effort to investigate and concluded that they were not going to push for justice.

Please may I ask you a serious question? Are you fed-up yet by being governed by a regime that couldn't care less about you?

For further reading on: FWPP: The Beauty of a Sole Objective Party

Once we all get fed-up and chose to vote for integrity instead of economics then we will get a change in Australia.

West Papua Merdeka!

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