Thursday, 10 September 2015

Do we need the Free West Papua (political) Party (FWPP)?

Do we need the Free West Papua (political) Party (FWPP)?

There are several different ways Australians are trying to support West Papua, for instance:

  • Some are happy to support West Papuans in ‘solidarity’ as they strive for their freedom but don’t believe that Australians or the Australia Government should directly get involved.

  • Others support West Papua’s ‘Self-Determination’ which means token ‘Autonomy’ for West Papua while still remaining under Indonesian rule and illegal occupation. This view is politically attractive because it effectively means that the Australian Government does nothing for West Papua and business continues on as usual for all those who are exploiting West Papua.

  • Others still have been lobbying the Australian Government to step up and free West Papua. But up until now the Australian Government has played dumb.

These methods of support have been going on for over 50 years and have basically achieved very 
little. Indonesia’s grip on West Papua is as strong as ever; the Australian Government’s support of 
the Indonesian military is as strong as ever; and the genocide continues unabated. 

We need a new more: FWPP Why?

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