Thursday, 24 September 2015

Response to the Statement ‘West Papua solidarity movement rejects Reclaim Australia’

In July 2015 a public ‘Statement’ was signed and published by some 40 ‘Signatories’ titled ‘The West Papua solidarity movement rejects Reclaim Australia’. A key purpose of the ‘Statement’ was to discredit the Free West Papua Party (FWPP) and request its dissolution because the FWPP chose to speak at a Reclaim Australia rally.

The challenge with movements such as the freedom of West Papua is that they attract people who for one reason or other actually retard or even sabotage the movement. The movement tries to progress but with the retarding, and sabotaging, progress is slow.  Many of the ‘Signatories’ due to their territorial behaviour must take full responsibility for the underachievement that they have overseen over the past 30 years.

Here is a link to FWPP’s response which includes recommendations on how the whole movement can move forward.

It’s time for the FWPP to respond to the ‘Statement’ because the misinformation being propagated by the ‘Signatories’ is hurting the West Papua freedom movement within Australia.

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