Tuesday, 16 June 2015

International template letter to send to MPs asking them to support West Papua


Dear Friends of West Papua,

Here’s an action you can do from anywhere in the world.

If you could forward the sample letter to your MPs ASAP, ahead of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG)* commencing this Thursday, 18/6/2015, we at the campaign would be very grateful.

Please put a brief introduction to your MP in the body of your email explaining why you support the Free West Papua Campaign and say you’d like them to take up Benny Wenda’s proposed action in the letter attached.

You can use the following email subject: RE: Free West Papua Campaign – letter action request and future involvement.

Find out the name of your local Federal MP member and state Senators.

Please let us know who gets back to you as it will inform the Free West Papua Campaign going forward.

Many thanks,
Free West Papua Campaign Perth Australia


  1. What about "For those who`ve come across the sea we`ve boundless plains to share"?
    West Papuan refugees should have refuge in Australia and be given the right to be politically active for their country however they wish.

  2. I have written this letter to my local member Brett Whitely, http://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Parliamentarian?MPID=207800 .
    "Stop the West Papuan Genocide !! Under the guise of "fighting terrorism" Australia is sponsoring Genocide in West Papua and allowing the i.n.d.o. military regime masquerading as a government to slaughter, torture and imprison innocent West Papuan citizens who merely protest for the right to be an independent nation as should be their democratic right !! Australia is complicit in this oppression and murderous Genocide when we support the i.n.d.o. regime and provide military training and support for exactly the same military organisations that have bayonetted babies and pregnant mothers, that shoot unarmed protesters in the street and hunt entire tribal and family groups out of there land and through the jungles of Papua. Using American and English weapons and equipment such as helicopter gun ships to slaughter West Papuan People who were not even in contact with the modern world ten years ago. I demand that you sir, as my representative to the Australian government, oppose this illegal and treacherous policy. Stand up and break the global silence on the criminal tragedy that is the modern world`s treatment of the West Papuan People. They are betrayed by the most powerful organisations on the planet from the United Nations down !! As People who live on a land stolen by Genocide we must oppose the West Papuan People falling victim to just such an abomination in the modern age, nobody knows better than us the awful shame and guilt that belongs to a People and their nation when their land was taken by such depravity. "

  3. The government should help the needy people ans should show some concern. We also help them in writing new realtor introduction letter which will be quite important for them.


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