Wednesday, 10 June 2015

FWP 80 Members News!

Wow we are now at 80 members! Let’s keep on pushing towards our goal of 500 members so that we can register our party and ultimately free West Papua.

Here’s some information for everyone and tell it to your friends!

It is estimated[i] that the Australian government has so far taken at least $80 off each Australian tax payer and given it to Indonesia as military aid.

The Indonesian military then uses this aid to genocide West Papuans[ii]

This is how both the major parties in Australia support the ongoing West Papuan genocide.

For $1 you can become a member of the Free West Papua Party and help stop the bloodshed.

We Australians are better than the evil that our government is doing to West Papua!

Party Leader: Paul Madden

June 2015

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