Monday, 3 December 2018

Free West Papua Party Australia at Canberra Protest on Tuesday 27th Nov 2018

News update!  

To all our West Papua friends, supporters and the wider Australian community,

The more I researched and investigated Indonesia and Australia’s special relationship the more I want to cry.  27th November was a big day in Canberra. We got so happy on the day of Protest and raised the West Papuan Morning Star Flag outside the following:

· Indonesian Embassy
· Department of Foreign Affairs
· Australian Federal Police
· Australian Department of Defence

All were involved in some way of covering up war crimes and criminal behaviour by the Indonesian military and police. We raised a number of serious allegations backed up by research and evidence obtained from West Papuans, Australian Politicians and Bureaucrats. They included:

1. Why did Mr Cox DFAT confirmed under oath at Parliamentary estimates that Indonesian police murdered and tortured suspects and then retracted the statement after dinner. Did George Brandis, ex Attorney General or someone else get to him?

2. Why did the Australian Federal Police tell Parliamentary estimates they do not train any criminals in the Indonesian police and made that very clear under oath, then shot themselves in the foot by telling parliament that we have no idea who Indonesia sends to our training courses

  • Mr Cox DFAT changed his story after dinner. Australian Department of Defense Signals Directorate covering up war crimes by Indonesia and the murder of Australian citizens under so called national security . A term used to cover up mass murder torture and extermination. Learning from Germany 1938 Indonesian embassy told that they are not a democracy but still a military dictatorship under National terrorist extremist control.

From: Anthony G Craig, FWPP Leader


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