Monday, 27 July 2015

The Blue Pill or the Red Pill

The Matrix has a scene where Morpheus offers Neo a blue pill and a red pill and asks Neo to choose which pill he would like to take.

The Free West Papua Campaign Perth Australia would like to offer you one of two pills. You can have the blue pill which represents blissful ignorance of the West Papua situation (like Cypher). Or you can have the red pill which represents knowing the painful truth of the West Papuan situation and Australia’s involvement (like Neo).

“Do you want to take the Blue Pill of “Blissful Ignorance” or do you want to take the Red Pill
and know the “Painful Truth?”

Are you ready to hear the painful truth?


Less than 200km north of Australia is the island of New Guinea.

Since the 1960s the Australian government, along with the US government, has created and is sustaining the West Papuan creeping genocide![i]
This creeping genocide has now killed more than500,000[ii] West Papuans over 50 years and the Australian government has no intention of stopping it or letting you know about![iii]

The Australian Government hides the West Papua genocide behind what it calls its National Security Strategy[iv]. This National Security Strategy appears to have little to do with national security and lots to do with increasing and sustaining the riches of powerful greedy people. 

The only thing wrong that the West Papuans have done is that they happen to be living on top of the biggest gold mine in the world! West Papua is full of riches and powerful greedy people want those riches! They want West Papuan gold so much that they are willing to kill 500,000 West Papuans to get it.

The Indonesian Military regime is a beast sustained by the Australian and US Governments so that big business can rape and plunder West Papua.[v]

We are part of the Free West Papua Campaign because there is a burning in our hearts that we want West Papua to be free!

We want the genocide to stop!

[i] Created Genocide:

I.J.M Sutherland to D. Murray, ‘Foreign Office Southeast Asian Department, April 30,1968. PRO: FCO 15/162 DH1/7:The strength of the Indonesian position lies in the fact that … they must know that, even if there are protests about the way they go through the motions of consultation, no other power is likely to conceive it as being in their interests to intervene. . . .I understand that the exiles may find support in the Australian press. But I cannot imagine the US, Japanese, Dutch, or Australian Governments putting at risk their economic and political relations with Indonesia on a matter of principle involving a relatively small number of very primitive peoples.
D. J. Wyatt, British High Commission, Canberra, to D. Murray, Foreign Office Southeast Asian Department, May 25, 1968. PRO: FCO 15/162 DH1/7:

Significantly, this attitude was shared by the Australian Government, the only Western power with any remaining direct interest in the issue (Australian New Guinea shared a border with West Irian). In late May 1968, a British diplomat, Donald Murray, reported that from Australia’s point of view, the more quietly the act of self determination passes off next year the better.”

Sustaining Genocide:

Defense Relations Between Australia and Indonesia in the Post-Cold War Era By Bilveer Singh.  Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 28/08/2012
Reporter: Hayden Cooper and Lisa Main
A counter-terrorism unit trained and supplied by Australia is accused of acting as a 'death squad' in Indonesia's West Papua province.

Comments by Clemens Runawery West Papuan Refugee; Hugh Lunn Former Reuter correspondent;  and Wim Zonggonau West Papuan Refugee.

[iii] Comments by Clemens Runawery West Papuan Refugee; Hugh Lunn Former Reuter correspondent; and Wim Zonggonau West Papuan Refugee.
Report: U.S. Arms Transfers to Indonesia 1975-1997 - World Policy Institute - Research Project ARMS TRADE RESOURCE CENTER US expands arms sales to Indonesia: 

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