Thursday, 26 March 2015

It is in Australia’s Best Interests to have a Free West Papua


The Australian Government supports Indonesia with over $600M[1] pa because it thinks that it is in its ‘national interest’ to do so.  Part of this support for Indonesia is that Australia has signed the Lombok Treaty[2] in which Australia officially recognises Indonesian sovereignty over the West Papua region.

This position by the Australian Government is insanely flawed and it is the purpose of the FWPC – Perth (FWPCP) to prove this to the Australian Government.

It is the conviction of FWPC – Perth that it is in Australia’s best interests to have a Free West Papua

FWPCP’s argument, which will be detailed in the following paragraphs, is as follows:

  • A relationship that requires $600M in aid each year to sustain is fundamentally flawed.
  • It is wrong to make the Australian Defence force train the Indonesian Defence force that is notorious at human rights abuse.
  • Australia and Indonesia have fundamentally different political systems and it is futile for the Australian Government to seek an alliance with a regime that it knows is evil.
  • The Australian Government signed an agreement that condemns West Papua to ongoing human rights abuses without consultation with the West Papuans.
  • The Australian Government is unwittingly sustaining the regime that represents one of its biggest military threats.
  • If Australia is to be exposed through a land invasion it will likely come through West Papua.  Thus it is in Australia’s best interests that West Papua be free of Indonesia.
  • Australia’s trade with Indonesia totals some $15B pa.  However, just one gold mine in West Papua earns about $5B pa for its corrupt Uncle Sam owners. Australia could do just as much business with a Free West Papua and they could do it without compromising their integrity.

Written by Paul Madden:
Director of the Free West Papua Campaign – Perth Australia.
Sunday, 27 April 2014

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  1. These are all good points and very generous and forgiving in their appraisal of Australia`s part in the West Papuan Genocide. I would go further and point out the enormous obligation and honour bound debt Australia has to West Papua. These are our forgotten Angels who fought and died for our country`s protection during WW2. Some of the worst fighting was in West Papua and the West Papuans gave everything to ensure our victory.
    Then they were betrayed in 1961 when the i.n.d.o. invasion was not opposed because the American president feared that the entire region would explode into warfare like Vietnam so in order to placate the i.n.d.o. West Papua was betrayed again and completely by the modern world in the United Nations illegal 1969 plebiscite. Which is supposed to mean a free and fair election but since the illegal West Papuan "election" the term has ceased to be used because of it`s connection to this fraud. Once again their lives fell for our safety but this time there were half a million People from the oldest undisturbed cultures in the World that were killed. Sixty years ago West Papua and Papua New Guinea had the same population of about 2.5 million each. The i.n.d.o. (insane nasty death organisation) invaded West Papua in 1961 and in 1975 Papua New Guinea was given back it`s independence by Australia. Now Papua New Guinea has a population of 7.5 million People and West Papua has only 1.5 million indigenous People and they are outnumbered by asian immigrants. Act now because West Papua is about to be destroyed and the People a small trembling relic in their own home for 70,000 years.


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