Monday, 7 July 2014

Protests Outside of Indonesian Consulate, Perth

This Action was in memory of the Biak Massacre in 1998 and to end the brutality and human rights abuses against West Papuan people under Indonesian military regime who has been denied self-determination for over 50 years.  

We want to stop Prabowo becoming the next president of Indonesia. He is responsible for committing crimes against humanity in West Papua, in East Timor and in Aceh.

We received a lot of positive support from Indonesian citizens living in Perth.

The Indonesian Ambassador in Perth contacted the Federal Police and the State Police to try to remove us from the pavement outside the Embassy. The Ambassador criticised the State and Federal Police Officers and tried to manipulate Australia's Policy of Free Speech and the Right of Free Assembly. 

We remained where we were for another 4 hours of campaigning, under the watch of Police officers and Embassy staff.

Thanks to everyone who joined us and for all the support from the voters!

Submitted by Clare Harding
6th July 2014

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